Sunday, February 13, 2011

Is the Mossad operating in Gambia?

According to reports in the predominant Muslim west African country the answer is yes. This report claims that the Mossad and the CIA are training Gambia's National Intelligence Agency (NIA). An ex-NIA agent called Serg PMJ Banjul said that

After this order [to arrest and murder Omar Bah, former news editor of the pro-government Daily Observer] by [Gambian president Yahya] Jammeh on May 29, I also swear that if it happens, then all the trainings I received from the Mossad and CIA did not benefit me at all and I was going to resign all my commission and retire from the service. Now this is it- an order from a monstrous bloodthirsty dictator.
This report claims that

an Israeli Jew called Danny Shinn has become very active in the operations of the NDEA [National Drug Enforcement Agency]. "Danny" as he is popularly known is widely rumored in the intelligence community to be the Israeli spy agency Mossad's representative in The Gambia. Danny has penetrated The Gambia's security establishment by providing allowances to security officials who have been fired. For example, both Benedict, Kunji, and even Lang Tombong all received allowances something totaling 30,000 dalasi per month whilst they were unemployed.

Danny was actually detained at the NDEA last December as he was suspected to be the source of the leak to the CIA that resulted in the Iranian arms being intercepted in Lagos. Danny has however turned the situation around to the point that he now is providing some of our intelligence officers such as Yusupha Jatta and others written questions that are to be used in interrogations. He is also providing them tips he learnt from torture of Palestinians to be applied to Gambian detainees. He is in regular contact, from his mobile (xxxxxx withheld) with his assets such as Benedict, Kunji, and Yusupha.

The level of corruption and abuse of power at the NDEA is the worst our country has ever seen. Even previously honest Benedict has been so corrupted that one has to now believe the adage "power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely". Benedict for example, has installed one of his mistresses in a villa at the Taf Estate that was seized illegally from a drug suspect. Additionally, he awarded Danny a contract to supply CCTV to the new NDEA offices without any bid or adherence to GPPA [Gambia Public Procurement Authority] regulations. It is unclear to me whether Danny is here as part of a secret agreement with the Israeli government or if it is just because of Ben.

Danny's cover is that he owns a company that supplies military hardware and surveillance equipment in The Gambia.

Editors note: The Freedom Newspaper was able to reach Mr. Danny Shinn on the cellular phone number provided to us by our source. The Israel born native first demanded to know who the caller was, and our Editor identified himself to him. Mr. Danny then enquired how we managed to get his cell number, and we told him that as journalists, we had access to multiple sources—thus allaying his curiosity.

We demanded his reaction to the report mentioned above: his ties with the NDEA, him training NDEA officers, his alleged affiliation with the Israel Mossad Intelligence outfit, the CCTV contract he reached with the NDEA, and the alleged monies given to former sacked security officers, such as Lang Tombong Tamba, Ben Jammeh, and Kunji, Mr. Shinn rejected the report—saying don’t make me laugh. He demanded to know what media organization our Editor worked for, and he was told the Freedom Newspaper. It took him few seconds to figure out the Freedom newspaper as a new organization. But he finally affirmed with an exclamation—remarking “ oh Freedom, Freedom.”

“What newspaper are you representing? Or the Freedom, yes, yes, Okay…” signaling that he is aware of a newspaper called the Freedom Newspaper. Mr. Shinn would also not discuss his alleged detention by the NDEA back in December of 2009, following the interception of the Iranian arms destined for President Jammeh’s Kanilai Farm. He will also not explain what he was doing in The Gambia. He merely said that he was a freeman, otherwise he wouldn’t be talking to us on the phone. But was told that the alleged detention took place in December of 2009, but Danny wouldn’t elaborate on the matter.

When asked about the CCTV contract deal he allegedly signed with the NDEA, and the supplying of military hardware to the Government of The Gambia, Mr. Shinn hung up the phone. This particular query never went down well with him. He hung up the phone without notifying us. That ends our phone conversation with Mr. Shinn.
And this report claims that

The Mossad's Station Chief for Gambia, Danny Shinn, fled the country on Thursday. This follows the story on Freedom Newspaper that blew his cover. His departure from The Gambia was a big blow to the Mossad according to Western Embassy sources. Danny was not only Station Chief for Gambia, but was responsible for managing Mossad espionage activities in the whole Anglophone West Africa. According to these sources, the Freedom exposure made it impossible for Danny to meet his agents in The Gambia anymore.

Danny's tenure in The Gambia was a very storied one. He was easily considered as running the best intelligence operation in The Gambia. Taking advantage of the insane hire and fire policies of Jammeh, he recruited agents who had been fired from government service in the hopes that they would be rehired. He provided them allowances whilst they were unemployed and in dire need of money. Once these agents were rehired into the government security service, they would forever be beholden to him. This for example, was how he got his most valuable asset, Benedict Jammeh.

After Benedict was fired as IGP [Inspector-General of Police], he started providing him an allowance of 30 thousand a month. Once Ben got rehired as DG [Director General] of NDEA, he provided Danny with first class intelligence. Danny also relied on the fact that most of the security agents live beyond their means. For example, another important agent, Yusupha Jatta of the NDEA has 3 wives and 15 children. His meager salary is not able to sustain such a big and expensive family. So, Danny would once again provide the allowance.

Because of his good network, Danny was able to get bugs implanted in the State House in Banjul and record sensitive conversations. Practically all of Ben's briefings with the president were also recorded. This is how the information about the Iranian arms were discovered and passed to the xxx. This is also how the drugs cache in Bonto was discovered and passed on to the MI-6.

At some point, Danny was suspected by Jammeh of being a spy and he ordered Ben to have the NDEA to arrest him and investigate. Ben investigating Danny was like the proverbial fox guarding the hen house. Despite the fact that Danny was detained for over 3 weeks, he had an ace up his sleeve.

Danny, the clever Jew, learnt that Ben was going to seize a drug suspect's house at the Taf estates and give it to his mistress, a prominent television personality. Before she could move in, he arranged to install a surveillance camera in the master bedroom. He captured a lot of compromising videos of Ben.

Jammeh even ordered that Danny be deported. But Danny made sure Ben knew that any negative actions by Ben would result in his total exposure. So, Ben just played games and left Danny alone until the Freedom article surfaced and exposed his game. Danny on the other hand had nothing but contempt for what he termed "the Jola Boys". He thought that they were the most stupid tribe in Gambia and nicknamed Jammeh as "Baboon". He felt that Jammeh was only after his own personal interest and was not interested in developing his country.

Danny continued supporting Ben including giving him the money to pay for his mistresses debt when she was sued in court for failing to pay for an air ticket. At the end though, the Freedom article was just too powerful and he had to leave the country.

Editor’s note: Mr. Danny could not be reached by phone for immediate comments. His cellular phone is apparently turned off. Per, the State House insider, he has left The Gambia. Mr. Danny would be accorded the opportunity to respond to the allegations linking him to spying if he so desired. Thanks for your attention.
Mmmm. These reports seem to have some grain of truth in them (the highlighted portions) with a lot of smear, disinformation and a bit of racism. It seems Gambia was about to get arms from the Iranians and the Mossad succeeded in preventing this and this is what is behind the smear campaign against the Mossad.