Monday, January 31, 2011

The conflicting voices of the Egyptian revolution

On the one hand we have this (the relevant part starts at 1:18):

And on the other hand we have this:

The first video seems to express an honest desire for democracy, even though the Egyptian people never experianced it and thus don't really know what democracy is and what obligations come with it. The second video expresses the desire for an Islamist Egypt and a war of extermination against Israel. What is the true and prevalent voice of this revolution only time will tell but I have a feeling that it is the second one.

UPDATE: Note the picture of Husni Mubarak with a Star of David on his forehead at 1:28 in the first video.

UPDATE: It seems that Mubarak with a Star of David is a recurrent theme in the protests:

UPDATE: Here's the picture of Mubarak with a Star of David from the first video:

UPDATE: I have found another picture of Mubarak with a Star of David: